Scientific communication has always been important to me, and I believe it is the foundation for our sustainable future, where people from every background can access and digest science. Our role as scientists is to make sure our findings are accessible to a wide audience. 

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Whale Scientists

In May 2020, I created Whale Scientists with my friend Naomi Mathew. Whale Scientists is a platform where early-career scientists can share their marine mammal knowledge with a broad international audience. The posts we publish are always fun, educational, and accessible to the public. We write articles about anything from marine mammal conservation to fun facts or stories featuring marine mammals. On top of science communication pieces, Whale Scientists publishes advice posts for aspiring marine mammalogists. Our posts explain how to find research internships, find a good master’s program, etc. Lastly, Whale Scientists features many early career marine mammalogists from various backgrounds to celebrate early-career scientists, inspire future researchers, and show them how multiple paths can lead to a career focusing on whales and dolphins.

Whale Scientists is my baby and one of my proudest accomplishments. I spend countless nights and weekends working on the platform: I am the chief editor, primary writer, and infographic designer of Whale Scientists. I also manage a team of about 25 early-career writers, all volunteers, and all from different countries. Within two years, Whale Scientists has become a reference in the marine mammal science communication world. We’ve received more than 500K visits from May 2020 until now, and our loyal followers can access new content once a week and find out a thing or two about marine mammals. Whale Scientists is proudly sponsored by the Quebec Fonds de Recherche.

You can find my latest posts for Whale Scientists here:

If you wish to read more posts, you may click on this link that will redirect you to Whale Scientists where you will find all the posts I personally wrote. 

Science Communication outside of Whale Scientists

Examples of infographics I made: I draw everything on Procreate (iPad)

right whale calves