I am a postdoctoral researcher at Simon Fraser University (previously at McGill University). I work on the impact of industrial contaminants and pesticides called “forever chemicals” on the health of killer whales and other marine mammals.

Research interests

1. Marine Mammal Feeding Ecology: Investigating the dietary preferences, and feeding ecology of marine mammals using ecological tracers like fatty acids and stable isotopes.
2. Ecotoxicology and Contaminant Accumulation: Studying how diet influences contaminant accumulation (PCBs, PFAS, pesticides, and mercury) in marine mammals, with implications for their health and risk level.
3. Multiple Stressor Interactions and Cumulative Effects: Exploring the complex interactions between stressors—including climate-induced shifts in diet—and their cumulative effects on contaminant accumulation and marine mammal health (through metabolomics and steroid hormone assays).

Science Communication

I am a bilingual science communicator (🇫🇷/🇬🇧), TEDx speaker, and a huge whale nerd. I am the founder and chief editor of Whale Scientists, a platform I created to share my passion for marine mammals.